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What You Need to Know About Your Soft Tissue Injury

Acute trauma to nerve roots and peripheral nerves lead to muscle soreness, tenderness, swelling, stiffness and tightness.

Our main concern is that you receive both a comprehensive evaluation and competent management of your soft tissue injury.

Unfortunately, clients/patients may remain undiagnosed and untreated, since many diagnostic approaches may reveal no abnormalities. Early diagnosis and management of such muscle symptoms due to nerve root and peripheral nerve trauma can alleviate discomfort and prevent permanent deformities and chronic symptoms.

We strongly recommend that you receive medical treatment for your soft tissue injury from a medical provider experienced in diagnosing and treating such injuries. A competent medical center has board certified physicians on staff, and has close working relationships with other medical specialists, including physiatrists (doctors specializing in rehabilitation medicine), neurologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, orthopaedists, plastic surgeons and radiologists.

The goal of the medical provider is to identify symptoms and signs of nerve root and peripheral nerve dysfunction, especially those involved in acute and chronic blunt trauma arising from car accidents, work-related accidents, sports injuries or other trauma.

It is critical that proper diagnostic and treatment methods for nerve root and peripheral nerve trauma are used. This enables early intervention to alleviate symptoms, increase quality of life and prevent chronic discomfort. It is for you to decide which doctors you treat with to manage your injuries. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor questions, and be certain to follow their advice, particularly as it pertains to physical therapy and referrals to medical specialists. Too often we see permanent discomfort resulting from clients being non-compliant with their doctor’s recommendations. Proper rehabilitation takes time and effort on your part.

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